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YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel & Maintenance

 YouTube Channel (4 months)

  • KIP will record 8 professional videos at the studio to jump start the child's channel.
  • Class: How to create a YouTube channel (Video, Speaking, Decoration, Lighting, etc.)
  • Critique Sessions
    •  (2) 2 minute edited shows a month
  • Children will video tape their own videos at home for homework.
  •  Basic Marketing
  •  Effective Marketing of your videos
    •   Content
  •  Social media presence
  •  Challenges
    •  We’ll be having challenges throughout this period to determine which techniques either worked or failed
  • We’ll be monitoring the progress of views and interactions
  • Which shows expressed more engagement, and which didn’t and why

What kid doesn't want a YouTube page?

Most kids watch YouTube for hours out of a day and wish they had their own page. Well we will be helping them create and maintain their own pages.

Disclaimer: This is just for fun, there is no guarantee that your child's video will become a viral video.

Sample YouTube Channel

This video is an example of a YouTube channel produced for Zara:CSI